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Next JAMTECH - Fall 2017

We are planning on having our next JAMTECH in Fall 2017. Register for updates in the footer below. We’ll have 300 local students learning to build a video game in a day! Click the button to register.
Register for JAMTECH

JAMTECH is the Premier Build a Game in a Day Event where we teach motivated middle and high school students how to build a video game in a day.

JAMTECH is a non-profit that creates interactive and hands-on events to ensure the next generation of graduates are able to succeed in a high-tech economy. JAMTECH uses video game design to teach programming, art, design, strategy, and storytelling – all high-demand skills.

We are based in Alexandria, VA and are proud to work with local businesses and universities that have the same vision to bring valuable computer science education to all students, especially female and minority students.



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