Planning underway for JAMTECH 13!

Next JAMTECH: 10.15.16

Join us the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on Saturday, October 15, 2016! Links to register [...]

JAMTECH 13 Planning

Planning underway for JAMTECH 13! We've kicked planning for [...]

JAMTECH 13 on April 16th @ US Patent and Trademark Office

JAMTECH 13 on April 16th @ US Patent and Trademark Office [...]

JAMTECH is a non-profit!

JAMTECH is a non-profit! We are incredibly excited to announce [...]

We’ve kicked planning for the next JAMTECH into high gear.

As always, the logistics are a huge component of JAMTECH events. There will be some changes at JAMTECH 13, so stay tuned for details.

While we’re planning for JAMTECH 13, be sure to use the time to brush up on JAMTECH skills: Unity, C#, digital art, etc. You can find more information here.

JAMTECH 13 Location: