Our partners are what make JAMTECH possible. Partners provide support directly to JAMTECH events to ensure students have a rewarding experience. Partners assist with logistical support, event management, technical and admin volunteers, Unity package development, leading workshops, and running the Boolean Girl workshops. We are thankful and honored to have all of their support.

Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a partner or have any questions.

Founding Partner

Carney Inc – www.teamcarney.com

Carney Inc continues to be a significant contributor to JAMTECH. Since starting  JAMTECH in 2010, Carney has provided support across all areas of JAMTECH, including event management and logistics, technical volunteers, admin volunteers, event facilitation, leading workshops, etc. Carney continues to drive JAMTECH forward, for which we are extremely thankful.


MARi – www.mari.com

MARi has supported JAMTECH from the very beginning by providing volunteers to lead workshops and help students at JAMTECH events.

GMU Computer Game Design Program – game.gmu.edu

GMU has supported JAMTECH for many years with technical volunteers to help students. In recent years, GMU students have taken  lead role in developing the Unity package we use at JAMTECH as well as facilitating workshops and performing outreach to increase the number of technical volunteers.

Little Arms Studios – littlearmsstudios.com

Little Arms Studios, another long-time supporter, has led several JAMTECHs in developing the Unity package and facilitating the event. Little Arms Studios is a local gaming company focused on serious gaming that is both fun and enriching. Their involvement provides students with direct access to local game designers furthering the connection between education and careers.

Boolean Girl – www.booleangirl.org

Boolean Girl and JAMTECH partnered several years ago because of Boolean Girl’s mission to increase opportunities for girls to learn coding and because Boolean Girl’s workshops are terrific. Boolean Girl uses (and provides) Raspberry Pis to teach students how to code using the Scratch programming language. Boolean Girl also hosts workshops throughout the year outside of JAMTECH.