Thank you to all of our sponsors and donors. 

Our sponsors and donors allow us to bring JAMTECH to more and more students ensuring the next generation is ready for a highly complex and competitive global economy. Our network of supporters includes universities, foundations, nonprofits, government agencies, companies, and individuals. We are always in need of support to ensure we are able to bring the latest technology and best teachers so JAMTECHers are enriched through their JAMTECH experiences.

We have various levels of support depending on the supporter’s needs and interests. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Founding Sponsor

Carney Inc –

Carney Inc founded JAMTECH in 2010 and continues to be a significant supporter of JAMTECH. Carney’s mission of performance at the speed of need is embodied in JAMTECH events where students learn, in one day, how to build a video game. We thank Carney for their continued sponsorship and advice.

Current Sponsors

MARi –

MARi has been a long-time sponsor of JAMTECH providing volunteers, logistical help, as well as media support. MARi’s mission to create a personalized learning ecosystem unified with their personalized coaching app will revolutionize learning for school and work just like JAMTECH will revolutionize the tech industry! We are excited about the prospect of further integrating MARi technology into future JAMTECH programs.

Past Sponsors